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Investment projects.

The list of investment proposals. 

Today's Anapa is very attractive for purposes of investing.



Place of realization

Conditions of investor’s participation

Investment project cost

Payback period, years

Size of a land plot

Construction of health resorts and tourist facilities on the “Vysokiy Bereg” embankment

The South-Western part of Anapa

Direct investments

2,080 mln. RUB


8,8 ha

Construction of recreation and tourist complex “Ethnographic village”


Resort town of Anapa, khutor Buzhor

Direct investments

105 mln. RUB


3,5 ha

Construction of recreation and tourist complex on the lake Chemburskoe

Resort town of Anapa, Chemburskoe lake

Direct investments

3,500 mln. RUB


1,200 ha

Construction of resort and recreational object on the Avenue “Juzhnyj”

Resort town of Anapa, Vitjazevo village

Direct investments

224,128 thousand RUB


1,4 ha

Construction of a resort complex

Resort town of Anapa, Railway station district

Direct investments

1,012 mln. RUB


4,3 ha

Construction of biological park and Aquarium

Resort town of Anapa, Chemburka khutor

Direct investments

724,4 mln. RUB


40 ha

Construction of object of resort nature in area of “Caucasus”

Resort town of Anapa, Pionerskiy Prospekt

Direct investments

464,928 mln. RUB


3,7 ha


Resort town of Anapa, Vinogradnyj village

Direct investments

7 bn RUB


62 ha

Golf center

Resort town of Anapa from South-West side of stanitsa Gostagaevskaja

Direct investments

5 bn RUB


300 ha

Indoor mini Aqua Park

Resort town of Anapa, Vitjazevo village

Direct investments

180 mln. RUB


5,5 ha

Trade and exhibition center

Resort town of Anapa, khutor  Voskresenskij

Direct investments

30 mln. RUB


1,5 ha

Retail and office center

Resort town of Anapa, Pionerskiy Prospekt, the area of sport complex “Olimp”

Direct investments

70 mln. RUB


864 m2

Ethnic village in the Russian style “Za okolitsej”

10 km. from the resort town of Anapa along the Federal highway Anapa - Gostagaevskaja

Direct investments

186,000 thousand RUB


8,6 ha

Medical center

Resort town of Anapa, Alekseevka

Direct investments

2,000 thousand RUB


800 m2

Residential complex “Vysokiy Bereg”

Resort town of Anapa, Shevchenko Street

Direct investments

4,855 mln. RUB


9,2 ha

Microdistrict “Vysokiy Bereg”

Resort town of Anapa, street intersection Lenina-Krylova

Direct investments

24 bn RUB


80 ha

Reconstruction of the sea port “Anapa”

Resort town of Anapa, Lenina

Direct investments

2,130 mln. RUB


2,2 ha

Territorial development of the agro-firm Caucasus

Resort town of Anapa, Varvarovka and Sukko area

Direct investments

81,143 bn RUB


1,790 ha

Resort and recreational complex “Bolshoi Utrish”

Resort town of Anapa, Bolshoi Utrish village

Direct investments

6,944 mln. RUB


6,3 ha

Golf resort “Grape valley”

Resort town of Anapa, stanitsa Natuhaevskaja

Direct investments

11,516 mln. RUB


1,622 ha


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