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Virtual Chamber

This section of the official website of administration of municipal formation of resort town of Anapa is an additional instrument for appeals to the Head of municipal formation. 

Commercial proposals from legal entities and individuals do not belong to the category of “citizen’s appeals”.

Appeals are registered and considered in order established by the Federal law dated 02.05.2006 № 59-FL “On order of consideration of appeals of citizens of the Russian Federation” and the Law of the Krasnodar region dated 28.06.2007 №1270-KL “On additional guarantees of realization of the right of citizens to appeal in the Krasnodar region”.

Fields marked by * are obligatory for filling. The answer to the applicant shall be sent at his or her option: 

In a form of electronic document if you specify a surname, a name, a patronymic (the last - if available) and e-mail address;

In writing if you specify a surname, a name, a patronymic (the last - if available), e-mail address and postal address. 

Electronic application should not contain attached files. The length of the message is limited to 10 thousands of characters. Letters containing long texts and copies of documents, photographs and other permitted attached files should be sent by ordinary mail to: 99, Krymskaya St., Anapa, Krasnodar region, 353440

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Appeal View 

“Virtual Chamber” allows you to lodge an appeal and monitor its review process and execution of issued orders. Appeals aimed via “Virtual Chamber” are registered and considered on a par with official paper correspondence.

To send an appeal it is necessary to fill fields of registration form and press “Send”. Fields marked by * are obligatory for filling.


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